Monday, February 07, 2011

McDonald's Happy Meal, 2011 Tonka Trucks, Glacier Digger

Oh Dan, What have you done? Speaking purely from a health perspective, when I found my forth Tonka Truck at lunch today, I decided to ask if they had the rest. They did, and I am now spared eating what ever is in these "Happy Meals".

The Glacier Digger fills the ice, snow, cold theme of the Tonka Truck line. It features a huge tire upgrade on the back.

Pop off the back tire, and snap around the two back tires for extra grip. The front grill snaps down, lifting the front wheels off the ground, creating a ski sled front (it took me a while to figure that vs a shovel front).

A sparkle light blue paint job with icicle stickers makes for a chilly ride!

Did I mention how awesome these are?!!

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