Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Transformers Generations Dirge; the jet with the wood panel wings

It's Dirge Day! I figure I better pick him up on his shelf warming peg this week, before he disappears, like Thrust did :(

Dirge is the Decepticon that has the brown or orange wings, which almost look like wood paneling.

Dirge is part of the cone head Decepticon team from season 2. Its nice for Ramjet to finally have someone to bounce joke ideas off of now.

You can see the slight differences in their wings. Dirge's tail fins, are on the end of his wings, while Ramjet has more ramjets. I would pick Dirge up if your're collecting all the jets, or have never played with the new classics jets yet. They are a sintch to transform, and are great to have as a get-a-way plane, if you rob banks.

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