Monday, March 07, 2011

WHAT the heck is happening with the next GI Joe movie?!? Hasbro?!?

I am so confused with what is coming out for early news on the next GI Joe movie. I don't know where to start, everything is so conflicting!

Good News: There is a sequel! Even though I blindly loved the last movie, its hard to believe they will be able to continue on that story line. If its really a mess, please wait a couple years and reboot. Next summer 2012 release? Serious, it will be buried by so much competition. Hasbro, please hire me as a consultant!!!

Good/Bad News: New Director! Some guy, Jon Chu, who did the 'Step it Up' movie sequels. I don't really think this is good or bad. I have seen many directors shine when they finally get their chance, and many great directors tank when they get their last, so I think this will be good?

Good News: Zombieland writers! That movie rocked, I hope they continue the wave.

Bad News: Sienna Miller out as Baroness (and maybe Rachel Nichols, as Scarlett). I can understand Sienna, it wasn't her gig, she can be replaced. BUT Scarlett, uh this is a GI joe movie right? So, if they start replacing everyone, or start omitting key characters, PLEASE just re-start the darn franchise over.

Huh? News: Rachel Nichols says only Duke, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow are returning. Thats going to be really hard to believe, since Storm Shadow died in the last movie. At least bring back someone who survived. I don't want a GI Joe movie with just a few characters, and I don't want to see a whole bunch of new guys at once. Arrrg, and if Dennis Quaid doesn't reprise Hawk...

So yeah, a mess of feelings. At this point, I sadly see this not ending well, and me being very sad. How is it that the new Cartoons, and comics are done so well, and the movie situation not. Who at Hasbro is running this thing into a wall??? I hope when more news comes available, it will calm my uneasiness.

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