Monday, March 21, 2011

Transformers Armada Space Mini Cons; Sky Blast, Payload, and Astroscope

Gad, what year is this?!! Sometimes when you have a blog that runs over five years, you have no idea what you have posted about in the past. Did I show these guys before? Bah, I need an intern. So besides that, here are my favorite mini cons, Team Space!

I mainly bought them to circle Uranus Unicron's rings. They seam most appropriate, space ship/satellite themed.

From right to left, Payload the payload truck (with backwards legs, darn it) , Sky Blast the Spaceship, and Astroscrope the rip-off of Babylon 5.

I love how mission maxed they are. You can really push the boundaries of imagination with these kids! Astroscope has some great legs too by the way.

They also form a gnarly ray gun, that can be assembled in a variety of ways depending on what kind of space Energon your smoking.

And there's Payload with the proper leg rotation, I can finally sleep at night.

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