Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Creepy String Doll

Remember that awesome Marvel Capsule Machine I spotted a few months back? And remember I got those awesome Marvel Capsule toys like Spiderman, Hulk and Thor? Well, when I had saved another four quarters and went for another one the other day, this is what was in its place... Creepy Sring Dolls! I was surprised they switched out the Marvel capsules, there was still quite a bit left earlier, I guess that's way. So now I have to collect these creepy little String Dolls.

Naturally, Cobra Commander has taken it under his wing, filling its head with propaganda. Someday I will fall down the stairs and this guy with get shoved up my nose.

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Iok said...

I'm obsessed with those machines and found one distributing the exact same dolls - called Voodoo Dolls on the machine I used (I remember noting that and thinking it odd they were using that name.)

My wife now has our black and red-trim one dangling from her rearview mirror.


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