Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Hot Wheels '81 DeLorean DMC-12, black and silver

Its hard not to pick one of these up in every color, thank you Hot Wheels. Looking for the gold one too. A spiffy Yahoo Autos Article/Forbes today appeared on the DeLorean cars comeback. Also a few notes at the bottom on the Hot Wheels toys, and yeah, a Back to the Future version soon!


Mandi Rippetoe said...

The company that revived it has been producing like 20 cars a year, if the sources are accurate. In that case, yeah - the future is back! At least, the toy cars aren't remotely as rare as the real, classic ones.

Carry Demaggio said...

Heeh, Hot Wheels were my toys when I was a kid. I remember back when I fought with my brother when he played my set without asking for any permission from me. LOL! Well, I can say that I will never forget these cars. These made me the car lover I am today. :)


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