Monday, March 14, 2011

McDonald's Happy Meal, 2011; Young Justice Batman

I guess I came down on these too hard, the Bat-man is really cool for a stand alone toy. At least he isn't frozen in a dorky pose with one projectile (Captain Cold anyone?). Bats here flips his arms and cape out high (and for some reason, I would think it should go the other way). I will add him to my Batman shelf that has been absent of fresh additions for awhile.

Batman and Robin are not a bad set. As for the rest of the Justice Young, I will get more only if I am needing the nourishment of another Happy Meal in the next couple of weeks.


SteamPeregrine said...

Yeah, it might have looked better had it had the articulation of the old Silverhawks figures, maybe its a half-hearted attempt to get kids to copy it, leading to jumping jacks. As for me, I see the pic on the bottom as 'Batman needs a bigger cape,' he bent over and *Rrrrriiiippppp*

jboypacman said...

Am mixed on this one as i kind of like it but i don't really confusing me lol.


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