Saturday, March 12, 2011

McDonald's Happy Meal, 2011; Young Justice Robin

Hot Wheels are already out the door, and now its on to Young Justice toys for the Happy Meal. I got to say that most of these are not so good. It's easy to pull off cars and trucks, but toys based off comic characters not so. I wish McDonald's could standardize a figure design so that every time a show like this came around, they could stick with a common line. You would think it would be cheaper, but I guess they probably bid on stuff like this years in advance, with probably thousands of rejected stuff.

Robin here is probably the best of the line, (maybe Batman and Superman okay too, we'll see soon). His bike wheels don't spin, but another hidden base wheel does, shooting the front weapons out at different times (which is pretty cool, as most toys only wimp out with one projectile. Mostly black plastic with a little paint. I guess I will save him until the 4th of July, he-he-he. What is a amazing is his uncanny resemblance to Charlie Sheen...

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