Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Padme Amidala AKA Natalie Portman, Pregnant Star Wars Action figure, and who's the father?

A coworker and I were joking about this action figure the other day. He had bought it at a client's game store, thinking it was so obscure of a toy to make. Yes, they make a Star Wars figure for everything, but what little kid would have enjoyment playing with a knocked up Padme? It's not like she could go into battle, that's not a smart mother...

I guess if your are one of THOSE kids, you could reenact certain things, and with the shirtless Anakin Action figure, its much easier. Just look how she admires his snail ink tattoo.

But after those events, there is not much left to play except Star Wars General Hospital.

I guess the theme could then be, Who's the father...

A small protocol droid, could mean C3P-0.

Jar Jar wouldn't last long after this shocker.

At the very least, Chewbacca was able to pull off twins.

...And that ain't right.

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