Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thundercats Tower of Omens

One of my fondest original Thundercats memories is when they introduced/built the remote Tower of Omens base. The idea was so cool to me, for a light house style building with the Eye of Thundera symbol beaming up top. That, or I fell victim to season two marketing of new characters, new vehicles, and new products. The new Thundercats reboot used the Tower of Omens as the mystical location of the Book of Omens. The episode did not disappoint, with Mumm-Ra finally doing a full transform. The play-set toy, again, is more of a display-set. It is so vary large and tall, it performs better as something high on a shelf.

The main action feature is an elevator, that you slide up from behind. When the figure reaches the top, the half bubble dome springs opens up, and Lion-o yells his line, "Thundercats Hooo!" By the way, this will not activate, and yell at 3 in the morning, scaring the crap out of you! The legs that protrude from the side have pegs for figure display, which is pretty spiffy that they included (although the posts are a little wobbly). There is a front piece that hides the elevator too, and functions as a side slide, but it is so silly unnecessary, I omitted it from photos. One thing missing is the Book of Omens on top. It is kind of a key element to the new story.

With the price red-tagged so low, this display set is worth it, in my Book of Omens. Not full price though. There is also a front gate deal I should show too some time.

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