Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thundercats Tower of Omens Gate

Standing in front of the Tower of Omens, is the Gate of the Tower of Omens. It is not connected, so it gives you a chance at building a larger set location. It looks pretty royal, with a large Cat Head Door and Columned Sides. You can adjust the columns slightly so they are straight or angled inward slightly. It makes for another great display back, or Fish Tank ornament. 

To open the door, simply defeat Lion-O and place his Thunder Lynx back onto the nose of the Great Cats Head. A ingenious system of magnets release the doors. Once inside Mumm-Ra can play with the Thunder Kittens sized catapult.

The Gate is my favorite of the Tower of Omens display-set as it is the most practical in display uses.

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