Sunday, March 03, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Mega Bloks Blind Bag figures Codes Series 1

I didn't realize at the store that these new Power Ranger Megaforce guys had whole new figure design to them. I think these are fantastic, although maybe not perfect for block building sets. They might lack the pants lock system, but they look great as minifigures.

I can't get over how cool the new look is. Bell hop sheik meets Power Rangers.

I do wish that for series 1, all the Rangers were consistent, but maybe that will make series 2 all the more fantastic. More battle damage please...

You can fit weapon on to their backs by the way.

Good set, now if I can only find the BLUE ONE!!!

Some Codes if you are looking for the full set:

Red Ranger - A06122MM
Blue Ranger - A12122MM
Black Ranger - A11122MM
Pink Ranger - A04122MM
Damaged Yellow Ranger - A10122MM
Translucent Red Ranger - A05122MM
Loogies  - A03122MM
Secret Rare Robo Knight figure - ?

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