Wednesday, March 27, 2013

G.I. Joe Kre-O Battle Platform Attack! Attack!

The Toys R Us exclusive Kre-O G.I. Joe Battle Platform Attack is now my declared favorite set of the Kre-O Joe series. It contains the most bang for your army warfare needs. The Battle Platform has always been a neat playset idea, as it can really function anywhere. There are two good sized pivoting weapon weapons up front, one with launching missiles. There is a small helipad, repair bay, and pretty spiffy covered command station. There is also 2 GI Joe labeled Cola cans to protect, with red mini fridge.

I am okay with Dukes bike, but the jail cell is the weaker part of the set. It would have been nice to have those pieces integrated into the main Battle Platform instead. I guess since its building blocks, I could maybe do that part.

Also cometh with the set are a Cobra Trouble Bubble and Cobra Fang, two of the best mini fighters of the classic cartoon era. Cobra Commander has a shiny face plate which is also a nice touch.

The 386 piece play set took a couple hours to build, and has lots of future enjoyment. Available at Toys R Us as an exclusive, I got mine for $39.99, but with an extra deal the next set was half off, so don't forget and wait for a sale!


c.norman said...

Hmm. I'm not collecting the Kre-O Joes, but I'm tempted to get the platform for my Micro Force guys. Very interesting...

jboypacman said...

It's a great set for sure and I might end up getting it at some point. Think am going after that boat set next with Cutter,Copperhead and Stalker I think.

Dan said...

c.norman, thats a great idea for Micro Force!!! I think I will try that.

jboy-the boat set would be fun and try floating. I wish they made the hovercraft tho.

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