Monday, March 04, 2013

G.I. Joe Micro force - Timber the Wolf

Several other toy bloggers kept their keen eyes out and alerted the world about Micro Force Multipacks. This gives me a perfect chance to get Timber the Wolf, and a few others that blind bagging would not deliver.

Five figures for about $4.99 in price. Knowing what is in the pack is half the battle. One of the better micro's is Battle Damaged Mask Cobra Commander Z. I prefer his face identity to always be concealed, but I am fine with a little damage peek. Makes him all the more creepy.

Low-Light is another top ten of the Micro Force. Since many of these have basic paint apps, Low-Light's red features take advantage. He can be placed in infinite locations for snipping.

The Dark Ninja Brawler might not be in the best of poses, but he sure looks cool.

Since I have already picked up several Steel Brigades, here is a Leatherneck from another pack. Leatherneck is a good example of their basic paint apps, as they missed painting his trademark mustache. That is too bad. Anyone know what kind of paint would work well on these, for me to fix??? Maybe just a black sharpie...

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