Thursday, March 07, 2013

Thundercats Berserkers Cruncher!

Re-Rebuilding IDstormtroopers Thundercats collection, got me the chance at looking at a Berserkers Cruncher figure for the first time. Berserkers were a little too hard to find in my neighborhood as a youngling, so this was a lot of fun to check out. Cruncher first appeared in season 2, or that first of two miniseries where a bunch of new stuff was introduced to sell. The Berserkers were shipmates retooled around the Pirate Hammer Hand. Cruncher is the better of the other three ship mates, as he is pretty big. His action feature is pretty cool, maybe a little creepy, and still functions well with this figure...

The old toy scales pretty well to the smaller Lion-O from newish BanDai classics stuff too...

A pretty spiffy toy from 1986. The old Thundercats line has got some fantastic figures for sure.

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