Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cobra Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball!

One of my all time favorite Cobra vehicles is the Cobra Pogo. Nothing would strike more fear on the battlefield than bouncing enemy battle pods. I would imagine it would be quite striking to see, say an army of 1000, Cobra Pogos coming at you at full bounce. I would hop by the time G.I. Joe 3 hits theaters, they will include this weapon. For now, I will have to use it in my imagination before bedtime.

The toy version from 1987 (Series 6) does an okay job for a smaller class vehicle buy. It seats one, has a couple missiles (not shown), and tries to stand on three plastic non spring-ed stands. It is too bad they never equipped one with actual shocks, because that, would be one hell of a lot of fun to play with. The plastic legs are too easily fall-offable too, which hampers heavy play. What? I didn't try bouncing this down a flight of stairs, really!

The cockpit control station is pretty intricate, with left and right control sticks, mini view screen, and other related buttons. The canopy closes crap-tastic with those top pinchers, but not a big deal.

I think Cobra Commander with battle armor goes well with this vehicle, but he did not come with it. He was pictured driving it on the box though.

Here is hoping for someday a re-issue with better springing legs. And maybe just maybe Chevy or Ford will someday make a car that bounces too.

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