Monday, March 25, 2013

Cobra Black Dragon VTOL

A Cobra Black Dragon VTOL surprised me and landed on my back patio today. I was expecting it to be a third of its size, and maybe a little glossier. Still a pretty sleek little weapon. It features two opening bomb compartments, moving wings and props, action figure, landing gear, and handle on tail fin for cheap ticket rides. The only flaw on this one is a double paint Cobra symbol on left wing (doh, should a got the other box). I will try and show off more in a video one of these days...


jboypacman said...

My Toys R' Us has a couple of these still but I keep passing on it because am just not drawn to it.

Dan said...

Its actually a pretty awesome vehicle for the price. BUT, since it only holds one figure, and its an air vessel, you are limited to things to do with, unlike vehicles.


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