Monday, March 18, 2013

Thundercats Tower of Omens Cat's Lair Racer

Is this how the rebooted Thundercats cartoon will be remembered?

I just love this vehicle, it is So So Silly! IDStormtroopers and I took advantage of some major deal breaking on Ebay and got two Tower of Omens play-sets for the price of half of one. The play set is more like a display set, featuring a tall fancy Tower of Omens, A royal Cats Head Gate, a small catapult and a clear Tygra figure(more on the set later I guess).  The Cats Lair Racer vehicle that comes along too, is the best part though. Had the Thundercats cartoon reboot been successful and spawned years of toy releases, this vehicle would have been lost in the waves. But since we only got a couple waves of toys this vehicle stands out as "What the...?" Now to be fair, I only got through half a season of the new Thundercats so far (I was waiting for a full season box set), so I am not sure if this was featured, but I highly doubt it?  Its a nice throw back to the original Lair, but also who on Thundera would drive this??? If you look at it closely, in terms of a Cat Giant, what exactly is the figure riding on anyways?

If you are wondering, the blue cats head on the back flips down into the back. When a Thunder lynx figure is seated, the head flips up. Kind of a strange action feature that feels useless when actually playing with. The spear on the front pressure shoots a few inches too.

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