Monday, March 26, 2012

Micro Machines Travel City Playset Review Part 1

A lifelong goal has been reached, last week I acquired the Toll Bridge set, which completes all 15 original Micro Machine City fold-up blocks. This tiny city has amazed me for years, and hope for years to come. I still need to get the next wave of sets like the City Hall and Bank, but those get spendy as they are the Bengali Pumy-ra and Linx-O of Micro Machines. So here is a lengthy review. If you find too long, I recommend the 1.5x speed, its very silly.


flywheels said...

Love it! I've got a bunch of sealed Hiways & Biways my wife and bought on clearance several years back @ TRU. I had this dream of setting up a huge Micro Machines city at one time. Now it's been shelved, but that doesn't take away from how cool these little play sets are. Thanks for sharing.

IDstormtroopers said...

this is an epic collection of rare vintage plastics, loved the review


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