Friday, March 16, 2012

GI Joe HAVOC Cartoon; Day 6 - No Show :(

Ughhh, so I worked extra early to finish my new movie project, its spiff-tacular btw, only to have YouTube's uploader not working ALL DAY! How frustrating! I want it off my desk, and into the interwebs, but alas, no go! I guess, I will try tomorrow. In the mean time, check out these guys I was able to trade with BubbaShelby from Toyriffic.

I quickly drooled when he first put them up, as both these figures have 80's sentimental value for me. Luckily a trade was negotiated, and I was reunited with two great figures.

I obtained my first Destro figure from a trade also. A friend down the street let me trade a garden pumpkin for Destro. I was so happy, as he was in excellent shape. Such good shape, I never played with him outside, or placed him in Lifeline's "Medic Mixes". I was afraid to un-polish his head. Somehow that Destro was lost, well he could be under a building on my Dad's train table, but that could take years more to find.

Cobra Commander was another favorite. I believe this was the second run leader, first only available my the awesome mail away deals of yesteryear. I with they would still do that, the 6-8 week turnaround was the best time in ones life. I saved my a UPC codes to trade for the Commander, and I took pretty good care of him, until he met a vice he didn't like when I was in Jr High. I would agree too, that it was pretty creepy of me to keep his appendages all these years (Fun Fact: those are not his legs and arms - those are a troopers).

Now I can finally replace these awful stand-ins. Disney Destro with the oversized coller and white gloves is just plain silly. It's also a slap in the face when they don't shine his head. Cobra Commander in pieces will also not be missed. It's instant mockery when the Joe's see his dismembered condition going into battle.

So, hang tight, maybe soon my new video will be up...

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