Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Masters of the Universe 2002 Buzz-off

Digging real deep into my stock pile of toys today, I find Buzz-Off. A tremendous figure from 2002, yikes that's 10 years ago!!!

I am very fond of the early 2000 Masters figures, more so than the new. They are more modernized, and with less joints, less problems. Or its more about value, I bought this figure for around 7.99 vs 30 dollars for a new Matty Collector item. Of course, this Buzz-off in pack today is around 24.99 to 35.99, I just couldn't part, and tore him out.

I will go on a limb and say he is top five out of the 200X line. Very detailed, very armly, and very buzzy. A standout figure for the ages. Although not a "stand-up" figure, he falls over easily. Not sure if that is a product of being in package for ten years, or just the awkward flat stance of his feet. Regardless, Buzz-Off is an amazing toy.

One of my favorite episodes of the relaunched 200X show, was when Skeletor stole and ate some of the honeycombs (Ambrosia) that Buzz-Off's Bee-people protected, giving him super strength.

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