Thursday, March 15, 2012

GI Joe HAVOC Cartoon; Day 5

You know when my post count is low, I am working feverishly on some sort of top secret project that I have hinted about before. Well its nearing completion, and it might, MIGHT, be ready tomorrow night vs July 2014. It all depends on my satisfaction with the sound effects, but so far, even I am blown away, not to pat my own back. The detail has been insane, as I had to totally redraw the HAVOC. Originally I drew it from the point of view that it was an actual vehicle, and added space for more engine and machinery components. After much thought, I decided I wanted it to resemble the toy as close as I could get. I think it will play well, not that its the only star of the show. So yeah, lets hope I can get this done, check back soon for total war...

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