Saturday, March 17, 2012

80's Toy Vehicle Battle the Movie Live and HD - it no there!? Update...

I go to play, it no there! Well yes, I temporarily had to suspend it. Even though all content was created by me, with royalty free stock sound effects and music owned by me included, the YouTube filters think I didn't create it or own it, and they won't allow advertising on it. Thats a big deal, if you want to keep the door open for partnership stati in the future. So I have to go through and see what is tweaking sensors off. Yes it is mainly a parody of GI Joe, but I changed the logos, and redrew the vehicles in my own way and I doubt the sensors saw that anyways. It could be picking up on all the sounds so I may have to dumb those down or something. Again they are all common stock sound effects with no value. What is really silly, is that its probably going to be a low view level video, with no real intent on copyrighting anyone. Just something cool I made, that I wanted to share, and get a tiny tiny tiny bit back from. So give me a few days to sort this out.

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