Wednesday, March 21, 2012

80's Toy Vehicle Battle the Movie Live - Directors Cut!

Well here we go again. Its really a bummer, to get the video safely approved, I had to reduce from 720, add a silly Directors plug, remove a short song that should be royalty free, and add bongos. I am mainly annoyed with the non 720, as it used to look so clean. It should still be a fun watch, and I hope you enjoy.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Nice- I like the GI Dan vehicle at the end :D

Mario! said...

haha Nice! The high level of shooting inaccuracy was quite appropriate, given the subject matter. I hope you throw some Rattlers in for the sequel!

IDstormtroopers said...

i like the directors cut better. it reminds me of the old goosebumps show where RL Stine would have a 30 sec intro to each episode

Dan said...

SDTB- Nice touch eh, didn't want any logo troubles.

M-It was difficult to add so many miss shots, they were needed tho to lengthen things. :)

IDST-lol, i watched a rerun of that the other day, and the early 90's haircuts were shivering.


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