Saturday, March 31, 2012

Green Lantern Animated Series Happy Meal Toys 2012 - Full Set Reviewed

Oh Boy, Green Lantern toys and a rare appearance of Dan Lantern? This is the best day ever!

I hate to say I only saw the opening Green Lantern Animated first episode, I lost my Cable connection after that. It wasn't bad, better than expected as the animation looked kind of plane. But with plane came lots of other neat stuff that wasn't expected. Good story, lots of action, not laziness. I will be sure to watch a season when its all said and done.

The mask actually fits pretty good for an adult meat head like me. The ring barely fits on my pointer finger. For once, its pretty neat as the button is inside the ring, so easily turn-on-able.

The Kilowog toy is HUGE for a Happy Meal toy. His hand lever works really well too. His head is also kind of cool being set inside his body slightly. Too bad he is the only other Green Lantern fig, they could have skipped crouch roll attack Green Lantern.

I don't know why I keep displaying the Spaceship as if it were backwards? I guess on the fly of video intenseness I wasn't watching what I was doing. The disc inserts in the FRONT and fires out the FRONT! The black bar window is a dead clue.

I am thinking this will be another three week promotion from 3/30 to 4/20 maybe 4/27.

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