Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Meal Transformers Prime Review 8 Toys 2012

I have been waiting for these for what feels like an eternity! Finally the Transformers Prime Happy Meal toys are out!!! Overall, I think they are totally awesome. Yes, they are pretty much stuck in vehicle form, but that's better than a bunch of mismatching toys, right? They look great together, and their colors really pop. A few have some really nice action features, others so-so. They are slightly larger than Hot Wheels for size which makes them a little more fun too. Please watch my humdinger of a review, to get all the spifftacular details.


jboypacman said...

Excellent review Dan!

flywheels said...

Pinky Pie!!

Did your local Mickey D's sell you all the toys at once? If so, how much per item did they charge you?

Dan said...

Yeah, I have a source, but its behind security. They are 2 bucks a piece.

Action Ranger Timmy said...

nice video. I feel like if you ignore that it's transformers and view it as a line of cool looking cars then it's an amazing happy meal toy.

Dan said...

good point ART, I don't mind em frozen to one side, better than a transformers that crappily transforms.

Yelinna said...

I want Megatron in a Cibertronian jet and StarScreams, they are well made and have nice looking colors.
But the coolest is Transformer Pinkie Pie and of course she fits in the group!!!


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