Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Pursuit of Cobra; Shadow Tracker

Dear Lord, this guy is creepy. Yeah, Predator creepy.

I exchanged an old unopened five Dollar Dusty for Shadow Tracker, using my Walgreens receipt from last week's Low Light. Pretty evil eh? COBRA!!!

Once again, this guy is packed to the brim with utensils and weapons. His Bow weapon is great, and his hands are formed to hold arrows. Real nice! The Dread hairdo gives the Dreadnoks something to think about too.

As for his creepy green net, he likes to collect heads. Oh, not again Man-At-Arms?!!

So yeah, this guy begs a violent, bloody, Stop Motion someday.


RIP666 said...

he was a bloody murder,, love the hair :D

jboypacman said...

Still have not seen or found him yet but i did manage to get Spirit and Recondo.

yatesspain.blogspot.com said...

Goodness, there's really much effective info here!


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