Monday, May 30, 2011

Classic Man-At-Arms

A long standing joke around the Toy Museum, is the mystery of the location of Man-At-Arms head. I have been searching for years and years. I was pretty sure it was still in existence, as I don't just toss critical parts of toys away. Maybe his mace weapon is lost, but i knew his head had to be in some box somewhere. I remember clearly taking the head off as a joke years ago, but not being able to get it back on. So I always planned to "do it later."

It turned up in an unexpected location on Saturday. Actually, a pretty logical spot; my parents basement crawl space. I have a few boxes stored in there, but it wasn't in a box. I have in fact looked through those boxes several times. This time, I was just "casually" walking by, looking for Thundercats stuff, when something on the dirt floor caught my eye. It looked like a strange blue ball. I almost passed it up, but something got me to pick it up. I was shocked to see the head of an old friend. Behold Man-At-Arms returned to full action figure status!

Funny thing was, that after all these years the head fit back on without any problem. It took literally two seconds to attach. Man-At-Arms is thankful, and has a ton of brain to body processing to catch up on, and maybe grow a mustache.

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