Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hot Wheels, 2011 New Model, Arkham Asylum Batmobile 24/50

It seems like each summer Hot Wheels has us searching for a Batmobile or some pop culture icon. This years is the Arkham Asylum Batmobile (Which reminds me, I really need to stop playing Lego Batman, and play Arkham).

I usually keep these in package, unless I find two, but this time I had to rip this one out right away. It has many angles of niftiness. I see a dozen Batmobile themes is this version.

Not a bad view from any spot. It feels a little heavier then other cars, I might briefly run it on the Batman Hotwheels track. Keep your eye out for it, I found one at Target on a Hot Wheels display baron of much to choose from.

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