Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Marvel Universe; World War Hulk

You might have noticed yesterday's Apocalypse knock down by World War Hulk. WWH is SOO much cooler than Apocalypse.

A few ounces lighter, he holds up better, and with weapons! Cool weapons!! I know Apocalypse is all powerful, but at least a ray gun or something to humor me with. WWH has a sword, a battle axe, and a shield. Heck, his loin cloth looks like a weapon.

This figure begs stop motion, but he does drop weapons easily, and is a little loose, so that might end in vain, but I will try sometime. The problem with the portly MU figures, is there tiny joints can't hold too much weight. WWH's hip has popped out of joint twice. Easily fixable, but kind of a design flub.

I highly recommend this toy over Apocalypse.

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