Friday, May 13, 2011

Transformers Generations; Decepticon Thundercracker, Jet Mode

At long last the awesome Thundercracker! It sucked watching him pass by as an exclusive for too much moneys, but finally the "sensible" collector can get one. Why the deep love for Thundercracker? Well...

Thundercracker was my first Decepticon toy (Second Transformer toy, next to Grapple). I am amazed by the moons of Cybertron that I have most of his stuff still. Even the landing gear! I remember seeing that piece bounce form collection box to collection box, and somehow I finally got it into a baggie with all the other wings and weapons. I think since I had fewer Transformers as a kid, I developed great respect for keeping them intact. As for Man-At-Arm's missing head...

So What it seems like ten years ago, Transformers Cybertron created a new Thundercracker.

He sports a nifty new advanced look, but a little too gray. I still like him a lot, he is easy to transform and is sized really well.

Finally the real deal Thundercracker...

A repaint to go with the the classics Starscream and Skywarp. My initial thought is a really well done paint job. His silver sections are highly shiny, and we know how much I like shiny things. Out of the three classic jets, he is the best version of course. Blue just fits that jet so well.

All three look great in formation, and will be sure to cause all in the Toy Museum much pain.

Shall I transform them?

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