Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Pink Power Ranger

I finally can complete my modern day original Power Rangers collection with the addition of the Pink Ranger. Thanks to Why Did I Buy That Toy?, I was alerted to check the discount stores like ROSS, TJ Max, and Marshals. It looks like this Pink Ranger was from a second wave of Power Ranger toys. I guess the only bummer is her non existent display stand doesn't match the other Rangers golden bird feet stands. I also found by back of the box, there is a Lord Zed floating around. Darn now I have to look for that!!!

She doesn't come with this Terrordactyl Zord pictured, but with a crappy top that barely works for me,(the zip cord is not straight enough). Her dress limits her leg kicks, but you can't mess with the iconic pink miniskirt.

So Yeah, really happy to pick this toy up for a good deal.

But let's get to the real reason I picked up this figure, to One Up Action Ranger Timmy by puting them in vehicles and looking ridiculous...

Try and Beat that! :)

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