Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2011 Mcdonald's Happy Meal Toys, Pokemon; Reshiram and Pikachu

What is a Reshiram? I guess this is one. Its a pretty elaborate toy for a Happy Meal gift, it almost looks store bought. It's wings flap with a bit of shaking, and that's about it. The tail section looks like an action feature, but I guess not, unless I am doing something wrong.

I have never caught a Pikachu before, now i have two, thanks to some poor coordination on my part. He lacks all the articulation that Reshiram has, but his cheeks do light up red with push of button on his back.

Now for the worst part, I now have three Pokemon cards. Do you know how lethal this is for a collector of my status level?!! I need to give these away, right away!!!


LEon said...

Reshiram is one of the main pokemon in the latest Pokemon Black and white! These are nice figure from your end of mcdonalds! I wish it will come to my end. LOL

Action Ranger Timmy said...

Sounds like someone needs to have a contest!


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