Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Pursuit of Cobra, City Strike, General Hawk and Cobra Commander Stop Motion Animated Review

I have been wanting to try and do a deluxe review of action figures using Stop Motion and nice photos for awhile. The Pursuit of Cobra figures are perfect for that. It took about 9 hours to produce, so maybe I won't do these very often.

Both these figures are excellent, and I highly suggest you get them.


CounterFett said...

That's pretty awesome. I just about wet myself laughing when Cobra Commander whipped out the laser pistol and blasted Hawk.

Dan said...

Thanks CounterFett!

jboypacman said...

Just awesome! Now i just need to find these in stores.

chunky B said...

Those really move like that? Cool, toys today are amazing. I am going today to find some of these moving toys, they are so life like! ; )

joking aside, this was a cool review Dan.

Dan said...

jboypacman, they were at a Walmart here for a day, I guess I didn't realize how hard they are to get yet.

chunkyB, and the medication only makes them move more!

The Rebel said...

Holy cow! Must get!!!! Problem is I'd never know whether these wld ever make it into Malaysia.....*sigh*


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