Saturday, June 25, 2011

Captain America; The First Avenger, Comic Series Battlefield #03

The super hero movie I would like to see the most this summer in a summer of "Sort-of-See" super heroes is Captain America! Believe it or not, I have yet to see Thor, X-Men First Class, or Green Lantern. There are just too many super hero choices this year, which makes me all the more uninterested. I miss the days where its just one "must see" movie. So far, Bridesmaids was way better than another superhero origin story, and Super 8 was the best wink at the 80's style since well, the 80's. I'm just bummed they didn't have Captain America ready for 4th of July Weekend. What's up with that??!

I only planned on getting the comic series Battlefield version because he looks so GI Joe compatible. I wish Hasbro would use the same GI Joe figure build with the Captain America line (and other lines). His hip joints, again, are a mess! They are a little better than last year's Iron Man toys, but they still need work. The joints are very very stiff, breakable stiff almost. Its always a trick to get the joint turned and lined up so he can kick or sit. With GI Joe, there is no articulation fumbling. I guess its crouch accuracy they are going for. He does have pretty good feet articulation, both side to side and front and back. His hands hold the weapons well, and the shield has both clamp to arm, and post for back holding. No display base, which is a huge annoyance.

It didn't take long out of box for me to have a GI Joe Captain America team battle.

There was a couple scary moments, but in the end, Hawk and Captain America cornered Cobra Commander and the Heavy Water cube.

...aaaaand world is saved!

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