Monday, June 13, 2011

Gogo's Crazy Bones, Series 1

I have ran into these a couple times now, on those days where you have to buy something. They're relatively cheap for one blind pack of three plastic figures plus stickers. Walgreens even gave me a free single figure pack once, thanks to an alert cashier. Addictive little guys, I am trying to keep a far reach from buying any more.

They are made of a lethal grade rock hard plastic, perfect for sling shots. Most have a simple paint application of some detail, word, or face.

I guess there are about 80 in series 1, each with a special small number on the back, so you know what you get. I suppose they are like marbles or something to fling at each other. I am thinking dentists created these to break kids teeth.

This final guy amuses me. Anyone want to translate for me? Its either some sort of "Mushrooms are bad for kids demon", or something Bob Dole uses for his ED.

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