Thursday, January 03, 2013

Thundercats Armor of Omens with Golden Lion-O

Happy New Year from the Armor of Omens, the now defunct and obscure mechanized suit! I have been eyeing this guy for months, watching and waiting for a clearance event. Usually this time year is "gold," as all the stores try to offload a stockpile of highly unsuccessful toys, in hopes for room for more lesser than highly unsuccessful toys. I was surprised to see my Local Walmart so cleared out already. Luckily I found the Armor of Omens in a random place, and it was actually priced at $11.00 instead of what was marked. Of course there was some "slight" shelf wear...

I find it a pretty fun mid sized action figure. Interesting shape, pretty shiny gold, and a few tricks.

Deep inside the chest, sits golden Lion-O. It's too bad they were lazy and made him only gold, a little more detail would have been nice. He fits nicely in my collection of strange golden artifacts. 

I will give points for not only snapping in mechanically, but also magnetically with the Thunderlynx tech. The front panels also snap well back into place. toys like this, its typical for the flaps to flop off easily, but not this guy, its solid. Armor of Omens comes with a neat large scale Sword of Omens. With a press of a button on his back AoO makes a sword slicing sound, while his eyes glow red. It would have been nice for maybe a second sound effect. His arms have elbow joints that bend and rotate.

AoO reminds me of Power Rangers stuff, maybe because its Bandai made. AoO also reminds me of Goldar, which I can put to good use quickly...

I would give this toy a pretty good score. Its simple yet fun. Just grab a good grip to AoO solid non moving torso and legs, and just start pounding your opponent.

And with that TheToyMuseum begins its ninth year of blogging! On the 20th anniversary of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, if that means anything. Lots of the same stuff in store for this year. Enjoy.

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