Wednesday, January 16, 2013

OGO BILD BITS Series 1: Crank

I am so glad one of the smoke detectors ran out of batteries today, because...

I would have never ran into these OGO BILD BITS from ogosport.

Toys like this are what the Museum is all about these days.

They remind me a ton of Xevoz, with a bit of Stickfas and Bionicles mixed in. Or a sick twisted Chemistry molecule kit.

Holy cow its huge! For a box that is only 3" cubed.

There is a ton of character in each one, I will have to go back for the other two.

I am so impressed with the overall quality, the function, and the gadgets. WAY cool toy!!! It says 2012 on the box, and it was on yellow tag at Walgreens. I hope this isn't the last of these?

This guy almost looks like a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 robot.

Check out Leap tomorrow, and I hope to get the other two.

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