Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kre-O Transformers Decepticon Ambush!

This is that time of year where I swear I won't buy as much stuff, then see good deals on clearance, and the whole cycle starts over again. Kre-O can be a fun alternative to Lego now and then. It's like playing with an alternate universe. I don't think Transformers are the perfect fit, but a few are fun to play with. I am really more looking forward to the GI Joe versions. 

I found these two sets with an additional 40% off, and was hooked. I like how each has a team of generic troopers. When I get some time and build the larger Optimus Prime, these will all help in making a nice battle scene. Hats off to the nice closing boxes to Kre-O again. Good for storage.

For about five bucks, all this is totally worth it (maybe not full price). This is my first time with the Kreon figures, and I would say, okay. A little bit tipsy, a little bit light, but good on detail and some customizable differences on the troopers are a plus.

The logic of Cliff Jumper, a car, driving an ATV is funny to wrap your mind around.

These Vehicon guys look really purpley nice!

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