Monday, January 28, 2013

G.I. Joe Micro Force Series 1 - Cobra Commanders

Oh boy, this is a problem...

Last week Micro Force were buy 2 packs get 1 pack free, with another 10 percent off.  Not a bad deal, so I went overboard. But, as you can see I am dealing with significant repeats.

A few new good ones found like Lady Jaye, Lt. Stone (who looks like Falcon to me), and Grunt.

Two Steel Brigades, which makes me ask if I want to bother with troop building, or just give away/sell lots on Ebay.

Finally a generic Cobra Trooper (for some reason called Spin 'N Smash). I would have liked to see a lot more Cobra Troopers. Almost makes me wish these were three packs, with a common Cobra or Joe trooper in every pack. The Gold Ninja Assassin, is not as shiny gold as he is on the collection sheet.

The Red Ninja S1-15 is striking! There is another Red Ninja out there with swords down, and another with antlers called Arashikage Samurai.

So yeah... I hope I can resist. I really really want Timber the Wolf or a Viper, but its just not happening :(


Michael Lewandowski said...

Really dig the Steel Brigade figs !

jboypacman said...

Ok this is cool seeing all of these together and I agree Stone does look a lot like Falcon.

Jorge Ramiro said...

OMG. The legos. And now I see the Batman and it reminds me to my childhood. It was great. I was a really big fan of the legos. While I was in Buenos Aires I have seen some exposition of lego. I have stayed in a Buenos Aires temporary rent apartment and near my place there was a shop which had this exhibition.


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