Thursday, January 17, 2013

OGO BILD BITS Series 1: Leap

Continuing on from yesterdays OGO BILD BIT madness, is the springy Leap! Oops, my Leap is missing his head piece that holds both eyes! Ha ha. I sent out an email to customer service at Ogosport, and they promptly responded that a replacement piece is in the mail! Now thats Leap'n service! For now, Leap is a cyclops, and he pulls that off nicely.

Leap's best parts are his springy tail. The spring has a little bit of bounce flex to it. His orange body core is squishy, I did not see that coming. Like Crank, he comes with a propeller, which really gives these guys some silly character. He kind of reminds me of the Spathi from Star Control (if you know who that is, you are totally awesome).

Leap and Crank are total friends today!

Dang! Today was busy and I didn't get to Walgreens for the other two yet. Hope they are still there!!!

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