Thursday, January 24, 2013

Castle Grayskullman - Masters of the Universe Classics

Castle Grayskullman just might be one for the books. Its about time the spirit  of Castle Grayskull got up and done something. This guy is so heavy, He-Man himself couldn't lift him... for very long.

I had to acquire mine through Ebay, as I was too late on opening day. We all have our Matty Collector horror stories; five minutes into sale, I got him into the shopping cart, went to pay, it sold out! I'm just glad they let some other dude out there buy ten of them so that they could hike the price up on me. 

Still the Ebay prices were not too crazy yet, I have seen worse, but SOO worth it. I can already think of a half dozen antics I could put this guy through. 

Some highlights are his Hulk Hogan styled hair.

And his Stonewall Skinned Boots are classic! Which sold me on the concept.

I totally recommend this guy if your are looking for the fixtures of all the 80's brands.


jboypacman said...

Nice! I seen some images and read some other review on this one and he really is the coolest thing they have done for the classics line yet. I guess if I understand correctly that there is some 3rd party extras out there for sale for this one too like a new head and other bits.

cherry mae Veloso said...

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