Friday, January 11, 2013

Paper-craft Bobble Head Robots!

I forgot that one of my Christmas gifts was a book of paper-craft bobble head robots! I am not usually into paper crafts, as I am horrible at making them. The year was 1988, my fifth grade class was assigned to make simple paper-craft cars. Mine was voted into the junk yard. I am usually pretty good at hobby stuff, building a fantastic Deep Space Nine model to name one, but Paper-craft usually fails me. So lets give it a try...

Hey, I think I done it!

I skimped on the X-acto knife this time, which led to some ugly edges, but I found my old bone folder tool thing for folding, and I got this little dude to completion.

They are pretty simple to the core, a body cone that holds the head, with a few appendages. 

I will have to try a couple more.

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