Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mcdonald's Happy Meal Toys 2011, Batman the Brave and the Bold; Firestorm, Two Face, & Solomon Grundy pack #2!

I wonder if I had a massive nerd splurge and purchased all Batman Brave and Bold Happy Meal toys at once? Ok I did, but this solves this month's stress from day to day meal searches. Set #2 is nowhere near as cool as set 1, but it does fill in those spots for extra characters.

Firestorm has nice clear glowing plastic for his fire look. Nice touch for a Happy Meal toy, that could have been easily easily easily left red plastic.

Two Face again on this blog, in as little as a week? I guess he does do things in twos. I would like to paint his shirt white and give him more detail, as he looks a bit like Count Chocula from one side. At least this version comes with a coin in his hand.

Ah Solomon Grundy. He's one of those baddies I completely forgot about over the years. I remember re-watching the Super Friends a couple years ago, and was trying to figure out who the heck that weird guy in the corner was who kept speaking of himself in the third person. Of course, him speaking third person, gives the name out pretty fast, But I still was curious of his ability to be included in the Legion of Doom. This mini-toy of him is bulky, and somewhat pigeon toed. Neat!

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