Sunday, April 17, 2011

DC Super Friends, Fisher Price TRIO Batman and The Riddler

On the other corner of Toys R Us, are Trio; Build, Sticks, and Panels toys. They are crazy elaborate, in fact a whole cityscape set back-drop is offered, droool. I had to see what the figures were about so I bought a basic basic starter set.

So, Basic it only comes with two bricks. Really the set is all about Batman. I was hoping to get The Joker instead, but he comes with Robin, doh.

The bricks are pretty sturdy, and lock together loudly. The figures feet can snap onto the bricks. I wouldn't mind a full set now, but something tells me these are going to be on clearance eventually, so maybe I will wait for awhile.

Earlier Batman and the Riddler were sharing a strange Dance. Their arms are pretty tight, at first, as is their neck joints. Cute paint aps, the Ridder looks like Joaquin Phoenix (who I keep finding likeliness too, but at least the Riddler is still a man).

And apparently, Lego Batman does not like TRIO Batman at all!

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