Saturday, April 09, 2011

Batman Through the Ages, an Action Figure Gift Set; Golden Age Batman

Golden Age Batman is not gold, but he is blue and gray. Out of the four, he's kind of the weakest, but nothing to throw out. He sports the black and blue two color mask with eyebrows well. His Head is probably the best thing about him, as the stumpy cape takes away from the rest of the figure. I would imagine the Brave and the Bold Batman is borrowing from this age.

A Bat-a-rang would really help and improve this figure. He has one closed fist, and one open hand, so he could hold something. This second Batman has jointed ankles which help him fall over more easily than First Appearance Batman. His Bat symbol looks better though, really classic.

An interesting paint feature are his blue hip squiggles. Are these weapons? Did he rip his underwear? Are they a design feature to resemble print action? Whatever they are, it is an interesting highlight.

I hope you don't get the wrong impression, I still like this one. He would make a good doorman if he was six feet taller.

Again with the short cape, it just don't look right.

Next up, Super Friends Batman...

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