Thursday, April 14, 2011

Batman Through the Ages, an Action Figure Gift Set; Classic Batman AKA: Old Man Batman

You would think a Batman through the ages set, would have a modern Batman. Instead you get a Batman that has lived through the ages. This guy is ripe with over his prime years, and reeks of knee blowing out after rooftop landing.

A hell of a figure, very John Wayne -esque. He takes no sh!#, and even has the time to kick Super Friend Batman's ass.

I'm not saying I hate him, in fact he's totally bad for the collection. He will make sure every figure is up to code, and justice served. I just hope he doesn't blow a hip bone with those over extended muscles.

He's the tallest of the group, but agile? He might need to work behind a desk, or pull a neck muscle lifting that cape.

Don't even think of doing the reverse shoulder joke tap on this guy, he will break your finger off.

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