Saturday, April 16, 2011

DC Super Friends Hero World Batman and The Joker

Sometimes it pays to walk the extra mile at Toys R Us to see what else is cooking. I've had my eyes on these DC Super Friends for awhile, and with some B-Day money burning I picked up Batman and the Joker. After buying such nice but "Dainty" Batman figures, I needed some toys ready for more rough and tough action.

Batman is solid, full of padding and big boots. He has a Bat-a-rang of course, which he throws pretty well by a dial on his back. He also comes with a Jet-Bat-Pack, that is meh-okay. The wings pop up for flight action.

The Joker is silly as usual. He comes with a Pie thrower, which is a funny idea.

The Joker's better feature is his flip up tie gun, by dial on his back. It works really well, and is pretty unique change of weapon. Yes, it does leave a gapping hole in his chest, but its a flip up tie gun!

Batman, Look out!

I must not of got the Pie Defense Batman.


LEon said...

throwing pie? What a food fight?! LOL

Bubbashelby said...

I think the flip-up tie was first seen in the Police Academy toyline - Mr. Sleaze to be exact. A great gimmick, and it has had me looking at that Joker on more than one occasion. I still haven't dove into this line thought.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

the pie launcher is worth the price of admission!

Dan said...

Mmmm Pie.

chunky B said...

I'm tempted now to pick up one of these... and what the hell a Joker to match... Hi I'm Chunky B and I am addicted to Batman and Joker toys...still do these come in the classic blue and gray or a nice 89' movie color scheme??? Hmn I will have to check this out.


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