Friday, April 08, 2011

Batman Through the Ages, an Action Figure Gift Set; First Appearance Batman

One of my gifts to myself for this years B-Day, was the Batman Through the Ages Set from DC Direct. I totally stumbled on it on Ebay, for an insane price of $20 bucks (including shipping!). I almost want to say I saw it once at our local Hastings store for about $50 a few years back. The box was a little dinged, but that made it all the easier to open. What I like best about this set, is that I really needed some unique Batman pillars to fill out the collection, as most of my Bats are more mainstream.

The Set comes with First Appearance Batman, Golden Age Batman, Super Friends Batman, and Classic Batman (btw, where is the Modern Batman, if this is a Batman through the ages set???). What really sells the box is First Appearance Batman. I am still kicking myself from missing First appearance Batman vs. recent appearance Batman I saw on the shelves a few months back. And you will be kicking me too, as I almost bought the pack for a contest prize for my five year blog anniversary (good thing I bought lame capsule toys that I never used instead, right?)

Overall the figures are really nice. They have enough joints to do a few good positions, without falling over. There is a little paint/plastic melt in spots, maybe from a long life in package, but I'll let that slide. I really dig when Batman wore his ears on the side of the head. They should use that in the next Batman reboot. The Blue gloves are a little bit flashy, but help remind us that hey this is first appearance Batman, okay! I also like how Batman demonstrates the old century ways of hiking ones pants up really high. With outer underwear like that, there has to be a wedgie under that cape.

The set comes with matching display stands that are really superb artistically. The down side, is the little pegs that you fit into the figure's foot, and then into the stand. They are a bit short, and can fit too far into either the foot or the stand. But that is just a small problem, and First Appearance Batman will fit well in the collection. Next up, Golden Age Batman...

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