Monday, January 03, 2011

The Last toys I bought in 2010, Marvel vending machine capsule toys!

I meant this to be my last post of 2010, but things got so busy towards the end of the year that I failed. So, here we go, Marvel Capsule toys in 2011. I was surprised to find these in the wild, as they are kind of a mythical rumor that I didn't believe in. I kept my eye out though, just in case. They are sold in those classic capsule vending machines in grocery stores. Our local Paul's Market actually had some big vending machines to fit these guys, as they are a dollar each! Believe me, I felt really silly inserting four quarters for one Marvel ball.

As you can see, Thor and Wolverine chose me (I was hoping for something more blue and red, maybe next time). If you haven't figured it out yet, their bodies fit inside their capsule heads. They are one of the more ingenious toys of late. Although, I wish the plastic was just a little heavier. A bad guy with a pellet gun could have some fun with these guys.

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